Voicestreet (VST) Shoots up 1214% on the First Trade Day at BitCoke Spot Market

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4 min readAug 4, 2022

The price of Voicestreet (VST), BitCoke Launchpad latest IEO project, made a +1200% surge on the debut day at BitCoke exchange on August 3.

The reason why Voicestreet has gained so much attention is that it has launched the music game — ark of panda and the metaverse concert, which brings more possibilities to musicians in music copyright revenue, NFT and metaverse application scenarios.

The musicians of Voicestreet collaborated with Binance Charity to release their music NFT on the Binance NFT platform. Holding these NFTs can enjoy more rights and interests apart from the collection value, such as entering metaverse games and participating in metaverse concerts. It gives NFT holders more engagement and creates more positive interactions between musicians and their fans.

Releasing NFT alone will not bring long-term, sustainable revenue to musicians. Therefore, the company focuses on production and subsequent operation. It enables broad-based development of the derivative value of music IP in a comprehensive way that enables mutually beneficial interaction between celebrities, music creators, artists, and their own fans, and maximizes the value of NFT copyright and the rights of NFT holders.

All-in-one platform for music

The Music NFT sector includes the NFT Trading Platform, Initial Music Copyright Offering (IMO), and the Earning function that serves IMO.

On the NFT trading platform, musicians can use the NFT creation tools provided by the platform to generate music NFTs in a one-stop store and trade them on the platform which provides an on-chain royalty revenue sharing scheme

As the first company to offer IMO — Initial Music Copyright Offering, Voice Street is for musicians to split their copyrighted music NFTs into multiple clips and tokenize them. With the funds they receive through IMO, musicians can then promote and distribute their songs and even share a percentage of the revenue with token holders.

In addition, the Music Fan Earning feature is a great way to upgrade the rights of loyal fans of musicians. Fans can use it to support musicians with the IMO tokens they own and earn rewards at the same time.

Music games in Metaverse

Voice Street developed a Metaverse music game called Ark of Panda, in which ordinary music-loving players can buy NFT instruments and form bands with like-minded friends.

Ark of panda is a next-generation style game based on Unity 3D. Being a virtual reality game, it refers to the cyberpunk style when designing its game.

Players can also work part-time, and participate in games such as Music Road and Pet Music Ball. Also, they can interact with each other and players from around the world and hold online concerts, own and grow their fan DAO community, tour the world in the game, and earn VSTs by releasing their famous records.

Users need to own Daffy Panda Ganging Up (DPGU) to participate in the game. DPGU owners can own multiple benefits, such as trying the game for free, inviting other players to be benefitted by successful referrals, free concert attendance forever, a unique DPGU image for the community, and mint the original land acquisition certificates.

Live music show in Metaverse

So far, Voice Street has already collaborated with over 30 musicians who have millions of fans worldwide, and who will soon begin their Metaverse Concert celebration.

During the concerts, there will be a gift ranking for fans. To buy gifts, users need to spend IMO tokens. Users will receive a blind box based on the fan value, and there is also a possibility to get a number of exclusive NFTs (collector’s edition NFT, etc.).

Voice Street also builds a live house music space, where musicians can host private parties and interact with their fans via audio call. By creating their own NFT brands, musicians and fans can buy properties and houses, build bars and museums, and live near each other.

With a total of $3.5 million in funding from investors such as Shima Capital and Huobi Ventures. Voice Street has a strong developer team. The game strategist Allen Yan was the founder of Spade 9 LLC and the Director of Marketing at Asian Gaming Ventures (AGV).

In the music industry, Allen Tan, former general manager of music artist management at Warner Records Global, former general manager of EMI Records. Jason Stelzel was also a music composer at Warner Bros and previously worked as a senior consultant for XPlatform Consulting. These music veterans are experts in the music market and have a keen eye for selecting qualified musicians and great music work.

With aims like these, Voice Street will serve as a bridge between fans and musicians and seek long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with music creators.

Web3 is on fire. In the future, Voice Street will develop more Gamefi games and Socialfi applications based on music and musician incubation programs to help new musicians realize their dream of being on stage and interacting between music creators and fans in the Web3 era. To change current industries, the music IP becomes the epitome of the industrial change in the future. By putting fans and music creators at the center, the mechanism allows musicians gain new publicity possibilities, and copyright owners can obtain new financing channels.

Voice Street will undoubtedly bring new incentives to the whole musical industry in the new era.