BitCoke Launchpad jumpstarts first IEO sale for Richverse Web3

BitCoke Blog
2 min readApr 6, 2022

BitCoke has introduced Richverse Web3 as the first IEO(initial exchange offering) project on its exclusive launchpad, selling 2 billion RIV tokens for the public at 0.000175 USD/RIV.

According to Richverse subscription page, in order to get allocation of RIV, BitCoke users need to commit COKE, BitCoke native token, to subscribe to the Richverse token between March 31 and April 7. Much like launchpads on other crypto exchanges, BitCoke launchpad imposes a 1.5 million RIV quota, a.k.a hard cap, on each subscription account, which is equivalent to around 260 USDT at the offered price.

Richverse website lables it as the world’s first Socialfi web3.0 driven by XR technology. The project was founded by technical experts from Harvard and MIT, aiming to build a social network driven by XR technology and community autonomy. Richverser are integrating Gamefi, NFT aggregation transactions, and Socialfi functions to build a cohesive and flourishing ecosystem.

Prior to public sale on BitCoke launchpad, in March Richverse has performed a community presale of 1% token, 2 billion RIV, with a 27 times over-subscription. The high turnout in presale round highlighted that there are robust demands for RIV token in the market, which resonates with the current impressive figures on BitCoke Launchpad page that BitCoke users has committed close to 5 million COKE for RIV token.

BitCoke is a professional and innovative crypto trading platform launched in 2019. It has steadily gained market share and prominence in crypto space due to the original Quanto swap contract and professional functionality. At the moment, BitCoke is 13 by trading volume in CoinMarketCap derivative exchange ranking.

Soon after BitCoke launched its native token-COKE, BitCoke started its token launch platform in March 2022, to helps blockchain projects raise funds and increase their reach across the crypto industry. As stated in BitCoke website, the launchpad is designed to give BitCoke users the chance to be early investors for promising projects in the fields like NFT, Gamefi, Socialfi, Web3, etc. Also, the launchpad represents a special benefit for COKE holders who can

If the Richverse IEO goes in line with schedule, BitCoke will vest RIV to subscribers on April 7 12:00 UTC. The RIV token spot trading begins on April 8.