Announcement on 300,000 $BVT Token Airdrop Distribution

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1 min readAug 15, 2022


Gamefi platform Bovine is scheduled to list its token BVT on BitCoke spot market on August 23.

To express our gratitude to users for the enduring support and trust at this difficult time, BitCoke has secured a 300,000 BTV token aidrop to COKE(BitCoke Token) holders. Details are below:

  • Snapshot time: August 16 — August 22 (Randomly snapshot once a day)
  • Snapshot assets: available COKE tokens at Wallet and Spot accounts
  • Airdrop calculation: You airdrop BVT amount = (you average available COKE tokens/ all average available COKE tokens) * 300,000
  • Vesting time: around 12:00 UTC August 24

Based on the agreement framework between BitCoke and BovineVerse, BitCoke will host an AMA with BovineVerse at BitCoke global telegram community the day before official listing, i.e. August 22 13:00 UTC. Also, BitCoke is scheduled to launch an one-week BVT token dedicated trading contest following the token debut.

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