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We are thrilled to annouce that COKE, BitCoke native token, will begin spot trade on 8th March, 6 am UTC in BitCoke spot market.

The platform will launch COKE/USDT pair for users. Any available COKE balance in the Wallet account is free to trade.

On a side note, several days ago, on 25th February, BitCoke has already opened withdrawal & deposit function as well as Push Trade for COKE.

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We are pleased to announce that BitCoke has signed strategic investment agreements with a number of crypto investors in early 2022 and successfully raised $20 million.

This financing is the private round prior to BitCoke Token (COKE) public IEO. Huobi Exchange led the investment constortim. Notable investors included RedLine DAO, Krypital, LD Capital, AKG, VRM, Mint, WeBlock, 7 Clock, HTR, NFTGO, LTP, Scorpio, Eureka, Hotbit, JL Capital, Pento and dozens of other institutions, communities and KOLs.

The funds raised are mainly used for exchange product design and development, especially exploring Cex and Dex exchange feature integration in terms of liquidity mechanism, trading functions and account link.

In addition, all investors are committed to supporting the BitCoke marketing efforts and assisting in the expansion and adoption of COKE token.