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We are thrilled to annouce that COKE, BitCoke native token, will begin spot trade on 8th March, 6 am UTC in BitCoke spot market.

The platform will launch COKE/USDT pair for users. Any available COKE balance in the Wallet account is free to trade.

On a side note, several days ago, on 25th February, BitCoke has already opened withdrawal & deposit function as well as Push Trade for COKE.

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Starting Oct. 26, users can apply BitCoke token — COKE to deduct the fees for spot and contract trading and receive some fee discount in the meantime.

Fee discount

🔹 Spot trading: 50% discount
🔹 Contract trading: 10% discount

How to activate the COKE fee deduction?

  1. Mobile App: upgrade to the latest version and tab “Assets” button, and open Spot or Contract account to enable the function.
  2. Website: Go visit your fee level details and active the function at the page.



Recently, the Ethereum hard fork has sparked heated discussion in the blockchain field. BitCoke officially holds a strong positive attitude towards the Ethereum hard fork, believing that it is the defense of Satoshi’s blockchain spirit. In addition to launching ETHF, ETHW perpetual contracts, Bitcoke’s $100 million ETH mine will participate in the EthereumFair hard fork initiative.

The EthereumFair hard fork is led by the ClassZZ community, and the technology is mature and stable. It is the first technical team in the world to release the testnet of an Ethereum fork.

About Ethereum Fair


EthereumFair Partners

1. Exchange: Gate,Phemex,BitCoke, etc
2. Community: 7 O’Clock Labs, etc
3. Eco/project: MetisDAO,ADAM, etc
4. Mining Pool: F2Pool,Hiveon, etc
5. Wallet: BitKeep,SWFT, etc